Cajun Delight
Cajun Delight
Cajun Delight
Cajun Delight
Cajun Delight

Cajun Delight

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Cajun Delight is an infusion of the highest quality
spices and sweet creamy organic butter. Our spicy
custom blend bursts with flavor. Cajun Delight’s
spicy infusion of Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic
and Onions blended with 4 additional savory herbs
and spices is simply delicious . Using Cajun Delight
means no additional seasoning to your dishes; not
even salt!

That’s right this is the only seasoning you need to
use for meats, seafood, veggies, potatoes, pastas
and breads. Cajun Delight is excellent to use as a
marinade, saute', bake, grill or as a finishing butter.

Get creative by melting a little over your popcorn, a
party mix or use as a dipping. Tired of plain old
morning eggs or grits? Cook with Cajun Delight, it
will spark up your dish in an instant.

Unit Weight: 5 oz