Chef Jernard Wells Sr.

Jernard Wells always has a lot of pots cooking on the stove.  He is an award-winning TV host, a bestselling cookbook author and CEO of Haute Cuisine which creates gourmet spices and signature sauces.  Chef Wells hosts “New Soul Kitchen” and “New Soul Kitchen Remix” on CLEO TV;  Jernard has been seen on Today Show Good Morning America, Food network, cooking Channel and Oprah Winfrey Network and more.  Chef Wells met Deborah Clemons Founder and CEO of Infusion Blends Flavor Infused Butter.     Infusion Blends began with Deborah’s desire to give everyone from novice cooks to expert chefs the ability to add flavor and excitement to meals in minutes.  The two instantly bonded over a common interest: Their desire to create great food products everyone could enjoy.  Wells & Clemons both wanted to make magnificent experiences around the dinner table.  So, the two came together to create unique Butter melts you will enjoy with every bite.

Chef Alonzo Furtick