Infusion Blends began with my desire to give everyone from novice cooks to expert chefs the ability to add flavor and excitement to meals in minutes. I have created a line of amazing gourmet butters that are free of hormones, preservatives and artificial additives. We source the highest quality spices, herbs, fruits and Butter in order to deliver on our commitment of producing the freshest, best-tasting butter.

"I start with flavors that consumers are familiar with, such as Rosemary, Cajun, Peach and Blueberry, and then pack them with tons of flavorful ingredients that spark the imagination with endless ways to use them with any appetizer, main course or dessert."

Deborah Clemons, President

About The Founder: Deborah Clemons

How I Got Started: In early 2016 my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to help, I would prep her meals so she could easily cook for herself. To simplify the recipes, I combined my spice rubs for steaks into butter for her to use on her meats. She began using them on stir fry veggies, in her pasta and as a spread. This inspired me to begin producing my own line of spice-infused artisan butters.

I started selling my butters at local farmer’s markets, teaching myself along the way how to build a successful business, from setting up manufacturing to marketing and product fulfillment. I was doing it all. Within a year, Infusion Blends was being sold in national supermarkets!