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Sweet Sweet Collection

Sweet Sweet Collection

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We have taken our most popular flavors to offer them in a larger jar in this Sweet Butter Collection.   

Enjoy Holiday flavors and all year round favorite Butter flavors as this collections features:

 Our number one best selling flavor Sweet Sweet Honey.  It’s so nice we had to say it twice and we had to increase the size to a 5 oz. jar.  Blended with Pure Honey, Raw Sugar and Butter,  your taste buds will light up! 

Our Customers loved this butter so much in our 3 oz. jar, we responded to their request to increase the jar size.

We also added the larger version of our Pecan Pie.  It tastes just like a slice of Pecan Pie.   It’s a 5 oz  jar infused with yummy butter, bits of Pecans and those undeniable flavors you get from a slice of Pecan Pie.

Last but not least, our Pumpkin Spice Butter, is offered in our 3 oz. mini jar size.  It takes just like pie, and if you love Sweet Potato Pie, you will love this version of Pumpkin Spice Butter. Enjoy it with a box of graham crackers and you will be tempted to eat it right out of the jar.  This set is excellent for a holiday gift or Hostess gift.     

Our Sweet Collection Butters are great for baking.  Add them to your existing recipes or a scoop on top of your favorite dessert.