How I Got Started:

In early 2016 my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to help, I would prep her meals so she could easily cook for herself. To simplify the recipes, I combined my spice rubs for steaks into butter for her to use on her meats. She began using them on stir fry veggies, in her pasta and as a spread. This inspired me to begin producing my own line of spice-infused artisan butters.

I started selling my butters at local farmer’s markets, teaching myself along the way how to build a successful business, from setting up manufacturing to marketing and product fulfillment.  I was doing it all. Within a year, Infusion Blends was being sold in national supermarkets!

Creating Infusion Blends has been one of the best journey’s of my life, and I hope you enjoy using our butters as much as I enjoy making them!