Through a partnership with The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program, we have launched the Infusion Blends Youth Culinary Training Program.  Donations and sponsorships allow us to provide free and low-cost training, STEM skills development and employment opportunities for aspiring young culinary artists.

Our Fundraising Goal: $50,000



Infusion Blends provides youth with hands-on learning by hosting in-school cooking classes, field trips to our manufacturing facilities and farm partners, and out-of-school business and marketing training opportunities.  Youth learn how to create their own unique butter blend recipe and then go through the process of packaging it and preparing them for sale online and at the local farmers markets and retail stores that distribute Infusion Blends artisan butters.


STEM++ Skills Development

We teach kids that cooking requires strong skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math -- also known as STEM. Youth that participate in the Infusion Blends Youth Culinary Program receive a full introduction to the food production and processing system by learning:

  • Technical terminology
  • Regulations regarding health, safety and quality assurance that govern our industry
  • Business development and management skills required to run back-office operations
  • Transportation, distribution and logistics planning for perishable food products
  • Marketing and sales strategies within the mid- to high-end hospitality, tourism, and commercial food distribution industries

Pre-Apprenticeship, Community Service & Employment Opportunities

Our goal is to provide part-time and full-time employment opportunities to students that complete our training program.  This includes developing and processing our key products at our kitchen facility, completing service-learning projects that benefit your community, and managing demonstration and distribution Point-Of-Sale kiosks at:

  • Farmer's Markets
  • Airports
  • Private Functions
  • Trade Shows
  • Client Facilities
  • Schools & Senior Housing Facilities

...and so much more!


The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is an award-winning, youth development nonprofit organization (501c3) that establishes lines of communication between students, schools, volunteers, mentors, nonprofit organizations and local businesses.

We integrate our programming into school improvement plans and community engagement policies of Title I and targeted school districts to create STEM++ based internships, youth entrepreneur opportunities, and service-learning projects that increase the technical and soft STEM++ skills of youth and young adults.

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