Portabella Mushroom Veggie Taco

This dish calls for three of our most popular butters combined to make this amazing taco! Get creative with your favorite veggies and if you don't like Brussel Sprouts, believe us you will in this dish!

3 Large Portobello Mushrooms sliced

6tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tbsp. Infusion Blends Cajun Delight Butter

3 tbsp. Infusion Blends Amazing Rosemary Butter

1 lb. Brussel Sprouts quartered

1 med. Red Onion

1 lb Cherry Tomato sliced

3 tbls flour

1cp Fish Stock

½ cp. White Zinfandel Wine

2 tbsp. Infusion Blends Perfectly Peachy Butter

8-10  Soft Taco Shells

In a pan on medium, heat 3 tbsp. of EEOV and Cajun Delight till melted.

Add in sliced Portobello’s sauté till soften

Remove Portobello’s from pan and set aside

Add the remaining EEOV to pan with 3 tbsp. Amazing Rosemary Butter

Add in Brussel Sprouts and Red Onion sauté till soften

Remove from pan and set aside

Add Cherry Tomatoes to pan and sprinkle flour stir in well

Add Fish Stock and White Zinfandel to pan and cook till reduced to a thicken sauce

Reduce heat to med low then add the Mushrooms, Onion and Brussels Sprouts back into pan

Cook for additional 4 -5 min stirring frequently

Serve in taco shell

(Makes 8-10 shells Tacos)