Cajun Fish and Rosemary Collard Greens

A simple and tasty dish to try. You can bake, broil or pan sear a fish of your choice.  A crockpot for the greens or cook them in a pot on the stove either method works well!

4  filets of your favorite fish

3 tbsp. of Cajun Delight butter (melted till thick and muddy)

3 lbs. of Collard or Kale Greens

4 tbsp. Amazing Rosemary Butter

3/4 cup water

Cut your greens and add to pot or crock pot

Add water and Rosemary Butter

Cook on low till greens are tender

Can add more butter to taste

Melt Cajun Butter for 10 seconds to a muddy thick consistency

Brush liberally all over your fish filets (best to do when fish is not too cold)

Cook however your desire

Then Enjoy!